Our Philosophy


Kinderhaus Kairo is a German kindergarten, which was founded in February 2012 with three children.

Our focus is to prepare every single child for the application tests for the German schools in and around Cairo.

Our focus

Our focus is based on letting the children work independently. We offer help and accompany each child with respect to its individual goals and abilities. We place great value on the individual character of education and our teachers listen and respond to the specific needs of each child.

There is a setting-in period of 14 days in order to let the child getting familiar with the German language. Through daily rhymes the children learn the vocabulary more easy.

The selection of our toys is aligned with the high quality Montessori products and there is also an outdoor area for the kids to play.

In our projects of structured daily routine, we offer:

  • Stuhlkreis
  • Small groups - as well as individual single work
  • Meals
  • Excursions
  • Caring procedures (done by the teacher)
  • Native German speaking staff

Our Prospects

We accompany the children and teach them the German language during play. Furthermore, each child is prepared individually for the applications tests of the German schools in Cairo by intensive and individual activities.

Our children are applying for the following schools:

  • Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo (DEO)
  • Europaschule Kairo (ESK)
  • Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen Kairo (DSB)
  • Rahn Schule Kairo
  • Beverly Hills Schule Kairo
  • Nefertari Schule
  • Private Deutsche Schule (PDSK)
  • Futures Schule Kairo

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